After working as a Software Engineer on the AOL Publishing System, I began working for a SharePoint? development company - Bamboo Solutions Inc.

This introduced me to the world of Microsoft and SharePoint? - an application I learned very well for the six (6) years I worked for the company. This job experience allowed me to gain the skills as a system and SharePoint? Administrator. I received my MOSS and SharePoint? MCTS while working here.

However, the focus on all things SharePoint? drew me away from open source coding and front-end development for a while. Working for the Department of State allowed me to become more proficient with JavaScript? and the technologies more suited for mobile applications. I also have started freelancing and have picked up clients who are using CMS - mainly WordPress? and who allow me to experiment with the newer JavaScript? frameworks and utilities e.g. Backbone.js.

My client list is short and I make no apologies for this as I've been attempting to complete the requirements for my Executive Master of Business Administration at George Mason University, building a game development team and working full-time; among other fun stuff.

Summary of Client Work

Webmaster for LFCC

LFCC Workforce Solution

Summary: I was tasked to create new pages and update content for Workforce Solutions, the adult education division for Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, VA. The website isWordPress with customized page templates. I created the following pages; however, the content may have been updated to keep it current. In most cases, I also created the graphics from images pulled from brochures or posters.

Webmaster for Local Winchester Entrepreneur

Summary: I recently picked up a part-time gig maintaining the websites for a local entrepreneur. She operates four websites - of which one [Academy of Veteran Education and Training] I am in the process of styling and adding content to include graphics. They all use WordPress?.