GCULDR 625 Project

Problem Statement
In March/April 2012, I was enrolled in an Organizational culture and Team Leadership course.

The class included a team project with the following instructions:

  1. Your CLC team will collaborate to develop a project focusing on leadership in social progress.
  2. Create an organization including: name; line of business, including products and/or services offered; leadership structure and style; number of employees and their roles; and a description of the culture of the organization.
  3. Research the role of organizational leadership in addressing social issues.
    1. The concept of social progress can be related to any social issue such as initiatives for low socioeconomic communities, improving access to health care, providing services to the elderly or children, etc.
    2. Review the websites of major organizations around the world to find out what they are doing to provide leadership in social progress. The idea is to work together as a team and address social progress from an organizational leadership perspective.
  4. Analyze the role of organizational leadership in addressing social issues. How have they been of service and why is their leadership important?

Possible options
Students were given the option to submit a paper, power point presentation or a website which meets the project requirements.

Final Solution
One of the key learning points for the class was the importance of leveraging the talents of all members of a team. This point naturally led us to complete the requirements via a website. To derive the company name we used the first letter of everyone's last name which - when reorganized - spelled out 'Meld'; a somewhat paradoxical outcome.

Technology & Feature Highlights
This site is written in PHP and leverages the CSS3? template I designed for the WAPOA website. It incorporates JQuery? and CSS3? for the index page navigation.

Additionally, it provided an opportunity to experiment with JQuery? photo gallery plug-ins. It displays correctly and the features work as designed on mobile devices - to include iPhone gestures.

Still to do

  • Implement the Search and Login functionality. This was added for show but I would like to continue to learn about authentication so I can progress in my knowledge to experiment with membership web applications.
  • Translate my notes into a more formal requirements/specification document.
  • Create a site map.

This web site took a day or two of planning. There is a somewhat complex navigation implementation which ensures that no matter where a visitor goes s/he can get to any area on the page.