My Projects

I feel the need to reiterate that this site is always evolving with more content to be added. Right now I've provided links to websites which offer a somewhat diverse taste of my 'front-end' skills.

For the moment it is not possible to showcase my JAVA or C# work as I have not setup a public web server to access them. This is on my //TODO list.

Also, I have lots of projects that I could upload to my public servers but they need to be refactored. Many of them are code intense and I did a LOT of experimental stuff in an attempt to learn a technology. My programming, design and application architecture skills have grown over time and my TODO list continues to expand.

My hope is to upload my more recent projects - especially the mobile & responsive experiments to showcase the elegance in efficient code and the new technologies.

As time permits, I will add these to my portfolio. For the time being, here is an abbreviated list of what is "up and running" today: