My Wiki

Problem Statement
After graduating with my BS in IT - Web Design & development, I was in search of an online repository where I could direct potential employers to my webspace where I could showcase my web development projects.

Possible options
Other options I considered were JOOMLA, WordPress? and PhP? Nuke - CMS options which could be deployed via CPanel?. However, my requirements were for some system where I could create text-based content - a few words to introduce my projects and then provide a link for employers and more recently - clients - to browse to.

Final Solution
At that time (in 2006-ish), wikis were 'all the rage' with geeks as a viable option for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Again, since I wanted to learn the new technology, I chose this format. Once decided, I needed to settle on which wiki framework. I played with mediaWiki and PhPwiki? - both options relied on a back-end DB for authentication. I had to tweak a number of settings to get the apps to play well with my web host provided. I found PMWiki? by accident and found it "n00bie-friendly" - and decided to go with it. It uses an encrypted flat-file for authentication AND can be augmented via advance security recipes as well as a database version of AuthUser? and restricted_action recipe.

In 2012, I upgraded to the latest version. PMWiki? is easy to install in a hosted environment and follows the standard wiki markup. The PM Wiki website boasts detailed documentation and includes many recipes in the Cookbook.

Technology & Feature Highlights
The site incorporates a number of advanced wiki mark-up techniques and Pmwiki cookbook recipes. The skins use a templating system - similar to SMARTY templates. The markup is standard wiki with enhancements offered via the recipes.

I've added a number of cookbook recipes to enhance any table displays, add thumbnail images, create a gallery, create a 'faux-jquery' experience as well as to support jquery & HTML5? markup.

The original skin - Skittlish - has been modified to fit my 'visual' needs.

Still to do

  • Other than add more content, I'd like to experiment with adding javascript - probably JQuery? to the content areas. I installed a cookbook recipe which supports the parsing but finding it a challenge to get it working.
  • Implement a fix for the ridiculous URL structure

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