Rayvnz Art

Problem Statement
I wanted to tell my "i learned to draw over the summer" story and showcase the artwork that resulted during one month of asking God to teach me to draw and being inexplicably depressed during a school sponsored immersion program. I created a website in the late 90s to showcase this work. However, the website used frames and older web technologies. So I was in search of something different.

Possible options
I thought about creating a new website with no frames and a "fancified" and spiffy JQuery? lightbox. But I tested many JQuery? plug-ins and could not find one that was not overly complicated. I also thought about creating a simple website - similar to the old one however without the frames. But this did not offer any opportunity to learn something new and fangled!

Final Solution
I opted to revamp the site as a blogging site. The 'blogging' portion would allow me the perfect avenue to talk about my learning experience. And whatever blogging application I selected would give me a chance to learn a new 'tool'.

Technology & Feature Highlights
I opted for WordPress as the blogging application. It is very well documented and has a robust development community and loads of themes. The site implements a customized custom theme and a number of CSS edits.

Still to do
*Implement a separate login page to give me practice at securing a restricted area. This would permit me to implement this as an external facing communication tool for "web-public" and internal facing - for use by people in the company.

  • Implement JQuery? pop-up image boxes so that clicking on the drawings will display a larger view. Right now, depending on the browser, the user may or may not be redirected to a separate page with the drawing. This is a limitation of the word press theme.
  • Add a captcha to the comment form.
  • Add a drop shadow behind the container div
  • Debug the redirect problem for the 'Home' tab.
  • Add more widgets
  • Create a twitter & google+ account for the site

While lots of documentation was read, no requirements or specification documents were created.