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Welcome to my technical portfolio!

If you've browsed here by accident - oops! My apologies. The wiki is coded to discourage bots and other search engine tools but nothing is infallible.

If you're here as my guest - then I'm glad you stopped by. My portfolio is a living work and will continue to grow as I do.

I've shared a little bit about me and my company under the Me listed in the sidebar.

The rest of the wiki is devoted to those projects I've done to learn new web technologies and to do what I like most - other than mountain bike riding, swimming and reading, I like programming and developing interweb destinations.

I'm also sharing my 'wantTODO' list. These are projects that are currently in the planning phase and once done - I'll progress to the design and then implementation stage.

Alrighty - enough about me... let me show you've what I've done & why!